Health and safety policy

We will observe current health and safety legislation and relevant statutory requirements.

We will not accept work-related injuries or accidents.

We want to organise our work so as to create a good physical and mental working environment, where all employees thrive and undergo personal development.

We want to systematically improve our performance with regards to health and safety, so as to create a good physical working environment where our employees are exposed to a minimum of harmful influences.

We will not accept our staff being under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances during working hours, which is why we have a separate ‘Alcohol and intoxicating substances policy’.

We give everyone equal opportunities. We respect the commodious labour market, and we do not permit harassment or discrimination.

All C&P Inspection A/S’ employees should work to produce a safe, healthy working environment for themselves and their colleagues, and they have a duty to speak up if rules and policies are not observed.

Korsoer, September 2017
Lars Have Christensen
Managing director


Managing director
Lars Have Christensen 
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