Certification of brazers and operators - and PED approval

We are accredited by DANAK-The Danish Accreditation Fund to certify brazers and brazing operators according to the following standard:  

  • DS/EN ISO 13585-2012


Brazing - qualification test of brazers and brazing operators 

We are approved by Arbejdstilsynet (the Danish Working Environment Authority) as a third-party organisation. Therefore, we can approve brazers and brazing operators for permanent joining of pressure equipment according to Directive 2014/68/EU (PED Directive) and Arbejdstilsynet's Executive Order no. 190/2015.

Contact us to discuss your need for certification.


Product manager
René Bigum
tel. +45 4064 8030
e-mail reb@cpi.nu

Managing director
Lars Have Christensen
tel. +45 7026 0901
mobile +45 4064 8042
e-mail LHC@cpi.nu