Inspection of tanks and pipes

Inspection of storage tanks and pipes helps prevent air, soil and underground pollution. Also, inspection is an important tool for minimising in-service problems and extending useful life of a tank.

Tank inspection requirements and regulations
Our certified inspectors carry out tank inspections in accordance with the requirements and guidelines specified in:

  • EEMUA 159, edition 5 2017: Above ground flat bottomed storage tanks - A guide to inspection, maintenance and repair.
  • API Std 653: Tank Inspection, Repair, Alteration, and Reconstruction, 3rd edition

Health and safety
Health and safety have the highest priority when we perform tank inspections. We prepare risk analyzes before we start, and our technicians are equipped with all necessary personal protective equipment.

Modern equipment
We scan tank bottoms for underside corrosion using Silverwing Floormap scanner. The scanner can work on up to 6 mm coating, op to 20 mm plate thickness and detect corrosion depths from 20 % of plate thickness. 

For tank shell, we use our Scorpion magnet crawler, thus avoiding expensive lifts and scaffolding solutions.

For inspection of pipes we use Long-Range Ultrasonic Screening.

Inspection report
We document our inspections in a comprehensive report containing:
•All our observations and measurements
•Complete evaluation of the condition of the tank
•Tank repair recommendations
•Recommended next inspection date

Contact us to discuss your need for inspection of tanks and pipes. 


Technical director
David Long
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tank inspector EEMUA 159
Michael Skovlund Hansen
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